Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Other Sock

I ended up working on these socks last night. They're knit in Froelich Special Blauband, which has, of course, been discontinued. I'm just re-knitting the end of one of them, fixing a hole and I'm just about to start the toe shaping. The yarn from these socks was fairly fuzzy after I washed them and the fuzz subsequently felted, so the patterning is a bit obscured. I will have to try this pattern again in a different yarn.

I'll have to find another audiobook to listen to. I finished Shadow of the Hegemon last night. I have several other choices already loaded, but they're not sparking my interest at the moment. Maybe I'll just pick one at random and give it a whirl anyway.

Still no progress with the Peacock swatch. Just a few more rows added on the fuschia socks. I haven't done anything with the Freedom Sweater. It's just hanging out on the back of the sofa.

The Periodicity of Knitting
I think I'm approaching a lull in my knitting interest. I'm still making progress, but it's not nearly as fast as it was a month ago. This isn't a bad thing. Just different. I've gone through periods where I didn't do any knitting at all for months, due to time constraints and lack of interest. Eventually, I come back to it. I have noticed that lots of knitters experience similar changes in their knitting activity levels. Usually it's due to non-knitting live intruding and taking away the time or energy to knit. For me, I think a bigger factor is having other interests. Some weekends or evenings I prefer to read or bake instead of knit. Or I'll work on the computer. That doesn't mean I'm not interested in knitting at all, just more interested in something else at the time. I do think I'm getting better at periodically touching base with active knitting projects and at least making tiny bits of progress each week. That teeny bit of progress keeps the motivation up and keeps things moving forward.

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