Sunday, September 07, 2008

Back on Track Again!

I got the offending error fixed with a minimum of fuss and got knitted back up to row 57 with no trouble at all. I am now repeating rows 57-60 another three times to get me a bit more size with my shawl. Depending upon how big the remaining bits of the pattern are, this may well be a teeny, tiny little shawl. Oops. Once I get to the end of Chart A, I'll put all the stitches on some waste thread and see how large it might block. Since I'm knitting on a circular needle, I haven't really seen it flat yet. Another option to gain some size would be to go up a needle size at the end of Chart A, where the transition might not be as noticeable. And if I'm not happy with the size, I can always add repeats of the later charts, like the Companion's Tracks. It'll all work out somehow, of that I'm absolutely certain.

New Project Ponderings....

I spent part of the weekend working to move the Fiber Arts Bloggers blog ring from RingSurf over to Alt-webring. As a result, I perused several hundred fiber blogs. Wow! Now I'm seriously inspired to try some new things!! I found some patterns I hadn't ever seen before. I saw some absolutely gorgeous mixed-media fiber art and beautiful quilts.

Jennifer at A House on the Hill posted photos of a stunning quilt she designed and made to meet a challenge for her quilting guild's upcoming show. I had never heard of a Burpee challenge. The idea is that you draw a number out of a hat which corresponds to a page in the Burpee seed catalog. You then use something on that page as the basis for an art quilt--using the names, colors, anything from that page. She designed a quilt based upon a flower variety named "Strawberry Fields", which is, of course, brilliant red-pink. My favorite part of the quilt is the feet with the flowery, beaded toenails. It's just so cheery and summery. Now I'm wondering if I could somehow adapt the Burpee Challenge idea to using up my stash. I have plenty of single-skeins or single cones of yarn which could be turned into scarves or shawls/stoles, if only I had a pattern for them. (Yes, I'm still on a kick to use up my stash yarns.)

Despite these ponderings, I'm not feeling the urge to cast on something new. I want to finish Errold and Bellatrix, then move on. However, I may cast on SOTS-3 soon. It's still talking to me.... Mystery Stole 4, however, isn't talking as much at the moment. In looking at photos for Clue #1, it's apparent that the beads really are necessary. (Yes, the designer was right and it wouldn't look right without beads.) Now I'll either have to figure out what yarn and beads to use or decide that a beaded stole really isn't me and drop out. At the moment I'm leaning toward the latter and that's just fine.

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