Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Uninspired by Socks

I am, for some odd reason, completely uninspired by the prospect of starting a pair of socks. I have frogged the Bellatrix socks. I think they'll probably become Pomatomus socks eventually, but at the moment, I just cannot bear the thought of starting a pair of socks. I'm not even interested in finally casting on SOTS-3. I'm actually not all that thrilled about starting any project at the moment. I don't know where all that excitement and startitis from this weekend went, but it's certainly not here at the moment. I seriously hope that it has merely gone out for a bite to eat and will return shortly.

Perhaps if I go poke through my stash of yarn and patterns this weekend, I can coax the knitting fever back into existence....

In the meantime, I'll have a crack at chart 2 of Errold's Grove and see how that goes.

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