Friday, September 05, 2008

Well, *that* didn't go quite as planned....

Surprisingly, I did NOT knit any new mistakes last night. I did, however, find a mistake about 3 rows down right when I started to knit. I ended up not knitting a single stitch. Instead, I spent the evening ripping out a round of knitting and have two more to go, probably. I missed one of the YO's just after the corner stitch. I tried to fix it, but still ended up with a goofy stitch count. The only thing left to do was rip. That's ok. Better to find the error just a row or three later, than an inch or three later. I'll be back on track in no time!

Now I have something of a quandary. The first clue for Mystery Stole 4 came out this morning. Conveniently I am taking this afternoon off, since I've worked straight through the past 13 days, with some very LOOOOONG days to boot. So I could quite easily cast on MS4, except that I have no beads. According to the designer, the beads are integral to the design. That's fine, but I'm not exactly a bead sort of girl. I'm only barely a shawl/stole kind of girl and I'd rather have a plain stole than a beaded one. My smarter neurons tell me to wait and see what other people's Clue #1 looks like with beads before casting on myself. My startitis neurons are telling the smarter ones to sit down and be quiet. And then there are the neurons pointing out that I could just cast on for Secret of the Shawl 3 and leave MS4 for later. *sigh*

I have decided that this afternoon will be devoted to cleaning my house (for the first time in three weeks), until 5pm, which is when I normally get home from work. After that, I'm spending the next two days doing whatever comes to mind that might be fun. Methinks that will be a lot of knitting!!! At the moment, I'm thinking I'll alternate between Bellatrix and Errold's Grove while the two mystery KALs battle it out in my head.

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