Sunday, September 28, 2008

Vacuums are EVIL!

Note to knitters everywhere: when vacuuming near your knitting project, particularly when the laceweight yarn blends in with the carpeting, use extra care that you DO NOT accidentally vacuum up the yarn and suck several dozen yards of lace weight merino into the vacuum, wrapping it around the beater bar. Fortunately end of the yarn attached to the project snapped so I didn't suck the project into the vacuum or unravel any part of my Errold's Grove shawl. I did, however, manage to suck a sizeable chunk of lace weight yarn into the vacuum. This necessitated taking the vacuum apart and removing the beater bar so I could unwind the yarn. While I was at it, I also cleaned all the mutant dust monsters out of the vacuum (and even vacuumed the vacuum!), so that was good. I have now re-wound the yarn back onto the ball, but have not yet spit-spliced the ball end to the project end. There are a few frayed areas in the re-wound yarn that I may decide to cut and splice, but I didn't really want to mess with it at the time.

This experience may explain the general aversion to housekeeping exhibited by many knitters.

Halloween Knitting
I suddenly had a craving for candy corn today. It's the quintessential Halloween candy to me, being just the right color and not chocolate. Then I managed to find the pattern for Isela Phelps' Candy Corn Bag. Her pattern is for a knitted and felted bag, but I will make mine unfelted, using doubled worsted weight yarn, rather than the Lamb's Pride Bulky the pattern indicates. If I start tomorrow, I ought to be able to make two of these bags--one for my niece and one for my nephew. I haven't decided how big to make them. They could just be cute bags or they could be used for collecting candy when they Trick or Treat. I could just fill them with goodies before I mail them, I suppose.

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Carrie Penny said...

Vacuumes are evil! I use a Roomba and I have to double check to make sure that all of the knitting is in it's bag up on the sofa or locked up behind a closed door before turning it on. I have not done it and believe me NEVER AGAIN!! That stupid thing tipped over my bag and tried to suck up a sock!! What had my sock ever done to it?!

I like the idea of filling them and sending them! (the candy corn bags) SUPER CUTE IDEA!